Resources tab works in Preview, Chrome, Firefox, but not IE

Hi all,

  • My client is standardized on Microsoft Internet Exploder..uh...Explorer.
  • A few .PDF files added to Resources tab
  • The Player's resources tab works fine during preview, and (after publishing) in Chrome and Firefox.
  • In MS IE, the tab is goofy. Click tab, only the word "Resources" shows, with up/down arrows to scroll thru the info. You can scroll, but you only see One, Single line of text, and that text window is only 11 characters usable.

Any ideas?

Thanks much everyone!

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Steven Sowell

Thanks Leslie!

Do you know if we can move the reference links to a slide? Then we could of course link to that slide from anywhere, to create an "IE-compatible reference alternative".

Weird that everything else in my published content works fine in IE - I have a load of free-form drag-drop, clicks, and bunches of various triggers and variables. It all works. I guess this means that the only HTML5-based thing in my entire preso is the Resources tab. This would seem to indicate that if I publish without HTML5, the entire preso would work in IE, yes?



Crystal Horn

Hey Steve.  One thing:  Firefox is also not supported for our HTML5 output.  You can view HTML5 with:

  • Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later

To clarify, are you forcing the HTML5 output to launch for your learners?  Even if you included the HTML5 output, your course will otherwise use the appropriate format based on the browser the learner is viewing.  If your learner is using Internet Explorer and Flash is disabled, that would help to explain why the HTML5 output is loading.

You might be able to leverage a lightbox slide to accomplish your goal of having those resources accessible from every slide (without the Resources tab), if you want to change it up.

By the way, we were cracking up at "Internet Exploder."  Ha!

Steven Sowell

Thanks much for the extra info Crystal! You nailed it...we ARE launching via the story_html5.html file. I'll try using the story.html file. I'll also explore the lightbox idea to see what that does.

Also, we did try the "exploder" replacement...Edge...and it works fine with the HTML5 content.

FYI, overall my customer is very happy with the simulated environment I created. We are all hoping for the day when SL2 allows for a "user-controlled zoom" feature. I was able to work around this with animated layers, but still, the "cool" factor would be soooo much higher if we had a functional "zoom/pan" feature!