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Jun 07, 2013


I have removed the popup that asks if you want to resume where you left off, because learners where clciking no without reading it and then complaining their course was starting at the beginning again. The course now automatically restarts from where they left off.

OK so I put a link on the top of the screen saying 'Restart Course' I did it from the Player area! 

When learners click the link the course jumps back to page one as it should, but it isn't actually resetting the course to start from scratch again the lms is actually remembering their previous attempts. All pages but one are set to, 'When visiting, Reset to initial state'.

I know its not reseting because I have several buttons on one page, when learners complete a module they go back to the button page and a tick appears next to the module they have completed.  If the course was reset properly the ticks would be gone.   I cant set the button page to - 'Reset to initial state' otherwise every time they returned the ticks woulf be reset.

In short how do I reset my course from a link I have entered?

In the words of Sir Winston Churchil " I am sorry for the length of this document but I didn't have time to shorten it".


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