Restart course trigger does not work properly in HTML5 output for IE

Aug 03, 2018

Hi there!

I see some weird behavior of the Restart course trigger in Internet Explorer. Overall, it restarts the course meaning it resets the variables and jumps to the very first slide. But after a moment it jumps back to the previous slide.

Could you please take a look and let me know if there's a fix for this? I have a course with about 300 variables which need to reset to default value on the Restart course trigger so this is kind of pain to add hundreds Modify Variable triggers.

Attached the source file, HTML5 output zip package and video that shows how the course behaves on my computer.

Thank you in advance!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andrey!

It sounds like you've put a lot of time and hard work into this course, and I'm sorry it's not working as it should!

Our team is investigating a problem with the "Restart Course" trigger in Storyline 360 when viewing the content in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. 

I know this is impacting your work, so I'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress with this bug. Thanks for letting us know how it is affecting you!

Katie Riggio

Good morning, JC.

Thanks for checking in, and I'm sorry to hear you're also at this roadblock. Although I don't have an update to share yet, we promise to update this discussion with any new information. 

While our team continues to investigate this issue happening in Edge and IE, it looks like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are unaffected. I can appreciate that might not be an ideal option, so I'll keep you posted with any changes to this bug.

Also, we're happy to have a close look at your project to see what other custom approaches we can offer!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Good news! We fixed the issue you reported where the restart course trigger wasn't working properly in IE/Edge browsers.

Install the latest Storyline 360 update to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes. Here's how.

If the problem happens again, please record a Peek 360 screencast for me, and I'll be happy to help! 

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