Restarting layer media

Apr 23, 2019

On my base slide, there is an audio clip (Audio 1). If the user clicks the button to show the layer, which has its own audio clip (Audio 2), before Audio 1 completes, both audio files play at the same time.

I added a trigger to the base slide to pause Audio 1 when the button is clicked, and I added a trigger to automatically play Audio 2 when the layer timeline starts.

However, after I click the button to trigger the layer, if I want to rewatch the entire slide again by using the seek bar, the base slides restarts from the beginning but the layer resumes where it was left. I have the layer set to "reset to initial state" when revisiting. 

See attached.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Peyton. Thanks for sharing your slide. Here's what I see: When you trigger the layer, the media is paused on the base layer by another trigger. The layer properties aren't set to hide the base layer objects or pause the timeline of the base layer. The seekbar at the bottom is playing the base's timeline, even though the layer's timeline is much longer.

In the layer, when you use the "replay" button to the right of the seekbar, it acts like a "jump to slide" trigger which will start the slide's timeline over. Since your slide properties are to "reset to initial state," the layer is hidden, and you only hear the base audio.

When you use the seekbar to review the base content, you aren't "jumping" to the slide again. You are simply rewinding the timeline. This action doesn't hide the slide layer. The layer contents will continue to play because it is still open. It isn't being "revisited."

I would consider pausing the timeline of the base in the layer properties and adding a button (or other object) to hide the layer when a learner wants to return to the base.

Happy to hear your thoughts!

Peyton Smith

Hi Crystal,

If I add a trigger to pause the timeline of the base layer when the button is clicked, the audio on the layer doesn't play automatically, evening though I put a trigger on that layer to "play Audio 2 when timeline starts." Once on that layer, if I press the play button in the seek bar, it just plays the audio from the base layer.

Maybe I am making this too complicated. Essentially what I want to do it for learners to replay each slide (base layer and layer) in case they missed anything. 

Peyton Smith

Hi Alyssa,

Your solution worked for both issues. Thank you. However, as I mentioned on this post, when I go back to the base layer, it continues to play the audio from the pre-arrive case manager layer instead of the audio on the base layer. I tried switching the base slide between "reset to initial state" and "resume saved state" with no luck. See attachment.

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