Restore state changes when user clicks outside the triggered object?

Jul 24, 2018

Hi everybody,

I'm making my first steps using triggers/state changes and this is what I want to achieve:
On an screen there are about 20 textboxes. Some of the textboxes have a connection with each other, and I want to visualise this by adding a red frame around each of the boxes that are connected.

So far I managed to add a "hover" and "clicked" state to a text box.

The problem: I want all objects to go back to their "normal" state as soon as the user clicks anywhere but the triggered object. Right now the objects just stay in their "clicked" state and I don't know how to restore them.

This also goes for the "hover"-trigger: When I mouse over an object I want say 4 or 5 other objects to change their state to hover as well - and I managed to do this. The problem: The "restore on mouse leave"-function only restores the one object that triggered the state change; the other objects stay in their "hover"-state. 

How can I make all objects go back to their "normal" state as soon as I move the mouse away from the "trigger-object"?

I'm sure this is can be done with storyline, but how?

Kind regards,


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Tom Kuhlmann

Selection Issue

You can try to use button sets and customize the selected states. 

Here's a tutorial

Hover Issue

The hover should restore on leave. However, you may be running into a conflict because the hover state has built-in triggers. I'd have a hover state for the object when you actually hover over it. And a custom state to change the object to, when hovering over a different object. That avoids the potential conflict.

Here's a tutorial


Hopefully that helps and addresses what you want.



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