SL Version 7 Making a Clicked State Stick

Oct 05, 2015

I need to make a clicked object stay in the clicked state.  I'm finding it difficult to do if the object supports Hover.

The attached .story file has two objects.  One hovers by having a state called "Hover", the other object has a state "MyHover" and uses a trigger to change the state to Hover... but only when the state is Normal, not clicked.

Both objects change to state "Clicked" when clicked.  Both have issues retaining that state. The Hover actions on both objects create issues.  Try it out.

Is there any way to make the Clicked state stick on the object?


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Sam Carter

That will do, but when you have several of these on a slide it gets complicated, multiplying triggers and objects. 

The problem seems to be implementation:  There is no trigger for exit hover, just a restore to original state option. That option probably shouldn't fire if the state has changed from hover to clicked, but it does as shown in the second example of the .story file.

So your suggestion seems to work around this design shortcoming, but doubling the objects when you have eight on the slide already... to get around a design issue. Nuts.


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