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Aug 28, 2017


I've got courses that have free navigation with the menu showing.  After the final exam, we want the menu to still show, but is locked for navigation.  Users can only click the Next button.  This is done easily in Studio but, does anyone have any ideas with how to do this in Storyline 360?




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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nancy!

I must admit this is the first time I've heard this question. Typically users would like restricted navigation first, then free once the course has been completed.

Either way, there is not a built in way to change this menu navigation.

You do have the ability to split the way the menu and the prev/next buttons behave though. Not sure if that will help your project:

When you restrict or lock navigation, you can choose whether it impacts just the menu or also disables the Previous and Next buttons. And you can use triggers to override restricted navigation for individual slides. See this article for details.

Sze Wai Dreger

Hi Leslie,

I saw that article but, it still doesn't help me.  The menu is still either completely locked or restricted and I need more of a combo.  An ability to adjust navigation on a slide by slide basis is what I really need. 

I've seen suggestions to create a custom menu but, in some courses, our menu list gets quite long.  Another suggestion is to remove the menu but, we want to show it.  Do you have any other suggestions?


Michael Shannon

That's a tall order Nancy. We can't use vars and triggers to do anything with it. And I understand why you wouldn't want to use a custom menu. The only thing I can think of would be a hack that doesn't get you 100% there but close. 

  1. Duplicate the scene that contains the content you want your users to revisit after the final exam. 
  2. Link to this duplicate content from your results page. 
  3. In story view click on one of the slides in your duplicate scene and ctrl+a to select all of the slides. 
  4. Under slide properties change the player features from the default to "custom for the selected slides."
  5. Uncheck the Menu box

Like I said, it won't get you 100% there. Your users won't see the menu, but they are beholden to the next button to navigate. 

Michael Shannon

Then the only way left would be to use another course and link to it.

The menu is hard-coded into the xml when you publish. We don't have any options for using any triggers on the menu. All of the settings for the menu are also coded into the xml when you publish. So other than the suggestion, or linking to another course (most likely a duplicate), Storyline offers no solution. You are running up against the limitations of the program. Many of us do. 

Good luck

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Brian! Can you tell us a little more about what you had in mind for limiting navigation? Storyline has these three options for the menu:

  • Free: This lets learners navigate to any part of the course at any time. They can view slides in any order.
  • Restricted: This means learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed, but they can't jump ahead or skip over slides using the course menu.

    If you also want to restrict the player navigation buttons, mark the corresponding box to Restrict Next/Previous buttons.
  • Locked: This means learners can only view slides in the order you've designed. They can't jump ahead or skip over slides, nor can they go back to any previously viewed slides using the course menu.

    If you also want to lock the player navigation buttons, mark the corresponding box to Lock Next/Previous buttons.

Do any of those options sound like what you're looking to do?

Crystal Villareal

I am working in SL2 and have the navigation set to FREE, but when I go in to preview my project, I am still have no luck moving about freely.  The menu acts as if it is locked.  I click each topic, it still does not move.  Also, would someone mind giving me step by step instructions on how to share my project with others (in this forum) when I am having issues?



Crystal V

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Crystal!

Does this problem happen when you preview the course inside Storyline, or only after the project is published?

I'd be happy to take a closer look at your file! Simply click here to open the discussion, then click the Add Attachment button to add your project to a new reply. Be sure to send the original project file, not the published version. I'll be standing by!

Shannon Connor

Is there a way to have one slide unrestricted in a restricted menu? Case: I have one slide, called a "Theater" that contains video snippets I'd like the learner to view at any time. It's in the last scene in my course, but I tell them about it on the 6th slide in Scene 1. The theater is optional and I'd like it to be always available to them after Slide 6 should they decide to visit it, like a library. By not forcing them to visit it, it never becomes "viewed" in the restricted menu. What to do?

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