Restrict slide advancement using two-person scenario slide

Hello!  I am new to SL and have used a two person scenario slide in a module.  The slide presents a question by one of the characters with three different possible responses the other character can give - two of the responses are incorrect and one is correct.  I have a layer for each response.  I am trying to figure out how to restrict the user from moving forward until they choose the correct response AND see the correct response.  I current have a variable setup which advances the user to the next slide automatically when they select the correct answer, but the user doesn't see the layer slide that shows them that they have selected the correct response.  Is there a way to show the "you are correct" layer and then auto advance to the next slide after it's viewed?

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Carol Hickey


That would be great; be kind though, this is my first experience with SL and I am feeling my way around!

For the scenario slides, (1.3, 1.5, 1.11) I would like to force users to make a selection.  I figured out how to do it with variables for non-scenario based slides but having trouble with these.

Carol Hickey

So sorry, here you go!

For slide 1.2, I would like to display the correct answer (button C) before the slide automatically advances to the next slide. I would like to do the same with the other scenario based slides.

In a different CBT, I used variables to restrict users from moving on until they viewed/heard all of the content, but I did not use the scenario-based slides.