Restricted menu - is this still the case?

Is this still a current issue in SL2?

It seems to be the case in my latest courses with the menu set to Restricted. Can you please confirm or let me know this has been fixed/changed/revised in a recent SL2 update? Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

I also have no additional information that the logic will change in the future - so you'll need to look at using a workaround as Bobbi mentioned if you'd like to have the slide navigation accessible before the slide timeline ends (or on a revisit to a slide if you're resetting the slide to initial state).

Richard Chasin

Thank you for your responses Wendy and Ashley.  I'm not really understanding or happy about this change of logic that came along with SL2. When you have to do a workaround by tweaking coding after publication to make something function logically, it seems to be less than a wonderful thing. Just my two cents.