**Urgent need* SL2 issue of forcing users to finish slide before proceeding to next slide

Jun 02, 2016

This worked in SL1, but I've never been able to make it work in SL2 as long as the menu is restricted: https://www.articulate.com/support/storyline/how-to-disable-the-next-button-until-users-finish-interacting-with-a-slide

The layer that should display if I click the Next button - indicating the screen needs to finish before I can go on - will not show as long as the menu is set to "restricted" instead of "free". We need to restrict the side menu to keep the user from advancing that way as well.

I recall my earlier queries on this issue resulted in confirming that the coding in SL2 prevented this from working, and resulted in having to keep my project in SL1.  This doesn't ever seemed to have been resolved. I need a solution for SL2. Is there one now?

Attached is an example screen of this issue.


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Richard Chasin

Thanks Steve G! I had discussions with the senior support engineer last year and the only solutions offered were to:

1. Rebuild the course navigation using custom Next buttons.
2. Disable Restricted Navigation.
3. Avoid upgrading this course to Storyline 2.

 I'll give this solution you linked me to a shot. Thanks!

Richard Chasin

Good point Cary, and that still works with a restricted menu. We wanted a visual indicator for the user, but a disabled button state may serve just as well. But when a user advances a screen, and then clicks the Back button, the Next button is disabled again. I'll need a variable to keep it active once the timeline has ended once.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

Since the next button won't work until the timeline has reached the end, no triggers that you associate with it will work either based on the restricted navigation. 

As far as resuming the slide - if you set it to "reset to initial state" on a revisit the user will have to wait again for the timeline to finish before the next button is active again, so you'll want to take that into consideration when setting up your project file. 

Richard Chasin

Cary, a thousand thanks for helping me out - this does indeed work. I duplicated your file and added a few more screens, each with it's unique variable to make the page function like the one you coded. This is really helpful, and I am grateful. I was very close to this solution, but your fresh eyes made it happen!

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