Restricting Menu Navigation and Incomplete Slide Message

Jul 14, 2016

Hello, I recently upgraded from SL1 to SL2 and converted a course I'm working on to SL2. In SL1, the course had the menu navigation restricted and had triggers and variables set so that the learner had to wait until the timeline for a slide ended before being able to click Next to the next slide. If the timeline was not finished, then they would receive a message stating to wait until the slide completes prior to clicking the Next button. The message was displayed using a separate layer with the incomplete message and a True/False variable and trigger. 

In SL2, I'm trying to replicate this but so far I haven't found a way to restrict both the navigation on the menu and also have the incomplete message pop up. It seems that if I have the player menu restricted, the trigger to display the incomplete message doesn't work. If I change the menu restriction to free, the trigger to display the incomplete message works. The issue is that I need both of these to work at the same time.

I have the incomplete message configured the way described here and the same course restriction works in SL1:

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Ron Price

Hey Andrew

In Storyline 2 , if you restrict or lock the menu, the next button is disabled until the timeline of the slide completes, which is why your next button is not allowing your pop up layer to work.  By the time the button is active, then you no longer need the pop-up. 

There could be several things to consider. Here are some off of the top of my head.  

1. Let the students know up front that the next button remains inactive until the slide completes. (no pop up)

2. Use your own navigation buttons.

3. Make your timeline very short and put your content on a layer.  Trigger that layer to appear with the timeline starts or ends of the slide.

There may be others.  The locking  of the next button was added as an update to Storyline 2 and most people, absolutely love it.  It prevents you from having to create all those triggers you built . . .  Especially, under the restricted mode, since the next button is only locked then on the first pass, which is slick.

But Ii can see how your use case is a little different.

You may want to submit a feature request for a little more control over that option.

Hope this helps


Andrew Breyer

Ahh, thank you for the info!

If the Next button is not active, then they should have made it not clickable appearing that it is not active. If I click it before the timeline ends, it still depresses making it look active and that was throwing me off, and will probably be the same for the people taking the course.

This feature is one of the main reasons why I upgraded, to save time creating all those variables and triggers... wished it worked the way I wanted it to ;o)  but I'll figure something out.

Appreciate the help as I was spending a lot of time trying to figure it out and reading through the postings.

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