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I apologize if this question has been asked or answered, and I just couldn't find the answer to it.

In Storyline, I want set the menu navigation to restricted so that users can see the menu table of contents, but they can only use the menu to go backwards and not forwards in the course.

However, I want the Quiz at the end to be an exception. I want the user to be able to click on the Quiz from the menu even if they haven't completed the full course. I couldn't find a way to make just the Quiz slide to be an exception to the restricted navigation. It seems that the restricted/free navigation setting is for the whole menu and not individual items on it.

I could create a button on my first page to allow users to try the Quiz, but ideally, I just wanted to have it available via the Menu.

Any thoughts?



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david mckisick

Hello Anna. This is very doable. I recommend you restrict menu navigation from the player menu options. To allow your participants to freely navigate to the quiz slide there are several options. 1) put your quiz questions in a separate scene and then you can link to the scene using custom buttons. You can even lightbox the questions so that you don't navigate away from the slide you want them on. You can copy/paste that custom button onto any slide you want them to be able to have access to those questions from. 2) Create a custom player button and link that button to the quiz questions. This will allow them to click the button from any slide they are on at the time.