Restricted Menu Option (in Articulate Storyline)

Aug 22, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Looking for some guidance please.

I created a WBT in storyline and I want the menu to be 'Restricted'.  

I can't get it working in the English version (I can not navigate the Menu at all - can;t backtrack to previous scenes I have already navigated through)  but it's working in the French. What's the difference?

English:  The menu is only showing the SCENE titles.

French:  The menu is showing SCENE titles plus every slide page in the scenes.

What do I want the final version of the Menu to show?  Just the SCENE sections.  I want to learners to be able to backtrack to the different scenes (not individual pages).

I have included screenshots of what the 2 menus look like at the moment.

Any suggestions? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Thanks again Carol - I have just sent an e-mail to you.

For anyone else following along:

Navigation to 'scene titles' does not work as they are not slides, not even if the navigation is set to Free.

I would suggest leaving the first slide in each scene in your menu for navigation - you can title it whatever you wish. This will allow your user to navigate as expected. 

Articulate Storyline lets you control how the course menu looks.

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