result count is off by factor of 10

as the students are going through my course, with questions inserted every 15 slides or so, I have a marker on the slide that keeps track of where they are at, more for their information. It will say "you are on slide 25 of 100 slides" if they click on the marker. It will tell them also that "you have correctly answered x of 30 questions." unfortunately it is off by a multiple of 10. After answering  say 3 questions correctly, it will say "You have correctly answered 30 of 27 questions". In my mind, this is not possible. It should be "3 of 27 questions" I actually don't know how the program even calculates it out> The text box in the marker has this -"You have correctly answered %Results.ScorePoints% of 27 questions total" I am assuming this statement has to do with the calculating, but I don't see how this makes it wrong by a multple of 10.


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Michael Hinze

Well, assuming that the correct score for each of your questions is 10 and there are no partial or negative scores, you could assign the value of the %Results.ScorePoints% variable to a custom variable, e.g. NumberOfCorrect and divide that variable by 10. That should give you the number of the correctly answered questions.