How to show number of correct/incorrect answers on Results Slide

Jun 10, 2016

I am creating a course that has 10 quiz questions.  On the results slide, instead of showing a final score, I would like to tell the user that they answered X/10 scenarios either correctly or incorrectly.  I still want the score to report back to our LMS; however, the user just needs to know how many they got right or wrong.

Essentially the results slide would say something like:

Congratulations!  You answered 9/10 question correctly!

Sorry!  You only answered 3/10 correctly.  Please try again.

I think this needs to be done using variables but I'm not entirely sure.  Any help would be appreciated.


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Wendy Farmer

HI Russell

you could set up a number variable called 'score'.

On each quiz slide when the user answers the question correctly add a trigger: Adjust variable 'score' add 1 when you clicks submit button on condition that radio button x is selected or if you are showing feedback layers after each question you could put the trigger on the correct feedback layer.

On the result slide set up your correct/incorrect statements and insert the reference

You answered %score%/10 correctly.

Hope that makes sense.

Philip Deer

Hi Ashley,
Here's what we're looking to do.
We want the results slide of an exam to show number of questions answered correctly out of the total number of questions. So we do not want to use score or percent for that.
How can we have this calculated or converted automatically?

This is a complex slide showing overall total score then breakdown by topic.
Here's an example of the idea we are looking to portray on the results slide.

Your Score 76%
Passing Score: 75%
Anatomy 10 of 10 questions correct
Kinesiology 7 of 10 questions correct
Physiology 6 of 10 questions correct

Thanks in advance!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

Ah, thanks for clarifying! That's not something built-in to Storyline - we only pass the points scored for each question to the results slide as a variable. You could set up your own custom "Correct" variable by adding something to the feedback layers of all your questions. Something like "Add 1 to variable AnatomyCorrect when the Timeline on Correct Layer starts". That would allow you to add a custom text box on the results slide to showcase those variable values. 

If you're stuck, share a copy of your .story file here with folks in the community and we can help you get started! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philip,

That'll depend on your question types - if you're using ones that have a "Selected" state such as a multiple choice, you can easily adjust the variable trigger based on the state of that object. 

If you're willing to share a copy of your .story file here with folks in the Community - that's a great way to get more eyes on it and advice from the experts! 👀 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Philip, another idea for you!

Enable the Correct feedback layer, and remove everything on the layer so it is completely blank and transparent. Set the layer timeline duration for .5 seconds. Then, add these triggers:

  • Adjust variable [AnatomyCorrect] +Add 1 when the timeline starts on the Correct layer.
  • Jump to slide [next slide] when the timeline ends on the correct layer.

Essentially, the learner will not know that a layer has appeared. They will only see that it takes .5 seconds to jump to the next slide after clicking the Submit button.

This solution would work for all question types. What do you think?

KS Meyer

Hi Jumping into this discussion.  I am doing something similar.  I created a number variable called 'score' and on each quiz slide when the user answers the question correctly added a trigger: Adjust variable 'score' add 1 when you clicks submit button on condition that radio button x is selected.  On the result slide I set up correct/incorrect statements and inserted the reference

You answered %score%/10 correctly.  Does anyone know how to handle a hotspot question?  

This is giving me trouble since there is no radio button or shape I can see to select.


Philip Deer

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for sharing what you have done here.

What we ended up doing is creating a results slide per each subject matter. Each results slide has its own set of variables and lets you click which questions are associated with that results slide. The variable are inserted on the main results slide as reference variables so we can show the individual subject matter breakdowns on the main results slide.

The main thing here is to make sure you have triggers to submit each individual results slide before the trigger that submits the main results slide. The main results slide creates a composite score using the results from each subject matter. Also, if you build in any overall exam reset, you will need triggers to reset all of the subject results slides before the trigger that resets the main results slide.

Sian Miller

I am just trying to get a simple score to show x/5 without pass or fail result. I have set up variable  'score' and on the correct continue tab - add value 1 to Score when user clicks 'continue' - because there is no option for 'submit' and have added You Answered %score/5% on the results page. Can you spot what I am doing wrong  please. Admit late on a Friday - was really hoping to get course out for review this evening!