Result pages getting copied / cant create new unique resultpages

Mar 20, 2020


Im running into a strange problem which hasn´t occured before. I am currently using SL360.

I´ve created a course in which at the start of the course the user selects a language. After the language selection he has 3 different options based on the function he has within the company. Based on these choises the user sees the information and questions needed for his function. 

I started by building this in 1 language first, copy and pasting this and replacing the text with the translation. Now that i´m done I see that the course is using the same result#.Scorepercent on all pages which I copied. I am used to Storyline creating new #.Scorepercent whenever I copy a resultpage.

Also, the scores, eventhough they are submitted to the resultslide keep ending up at 0 and I really don´t see where this is coming from.

I would be happy to upload the full course in order to fix this. 




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Lauren Connelly

Hi Shane!

I'm happy to help! It would be easiest if we could take a look at your file. You can use this link to share it privately with us. 

What first stood out to me is the variable being the same on all the results slides. I always prefer adding a results slide using the Results Slide feature rather than copy and pasting. The Results Slide feature comes with specific variables for each time you add a Results Slide. For instance, you'll see the Results.ScorePercentage variable changes to Results1.ScorePercentage or Results2.ScorePercentage. 

Secondly, it sounds like the reason for the score of 0 could be because it's calculating every slide rather than the slides in the language/position chosen. In that case, I'd make sure there is a results slide for each language/position.

Once we take a look at the file, we'll report back with our findings!

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