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Oct 08, 2021

Hello All,

I need some help with functionality on "Retaking Quiz" for "Full Course" option.

The user have 2 choices at the beginning of the course:

A) Full course then take the Quiz with unlimited attempts.

B) Quiz only with 2 attempts only.

Since you can only Track on 1 quiz results, I have structured the course so that both user choices A and B will use the same Quiz. I have the triggers set up already for B) Quiz only - where the user only has 2 attempts to pass the quiz, if the user does not pass the quiz after 2 attempts they will have to go to retake the Full Course.

I need help for the user who chooses A) Full course then take the Quiz with unlimited attempts. Since I already have triggers for only 2 attempts, hot do I make triggers for this scene to have unlimited attempts to take the quiz.


I have attached a mock up of what I am trying to do.

Stroryline 3

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Scott Wiley

Looks to me like you have 2 options.

Option 1: Create a duplicate quiz with the alternate settings

Option 2: Create an additional variable (ex; FullCourse = false).

  • Apply trigger to "full course" button that changes "FullCourse" to "true" when clicked.
  • Use triggers to check for combinations of values of your two variables to control buttons, etc.


Hope that helps generate some ideas.