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Jun 23, 2015

I have multiple quizzes in different scenes and a result slide at the end of each individual quiz.

I am trying to create a result slide that brings all of the results together.

I followed the help guide; I added a new 'graded' result slide, and selected 'calculate results for; selected result slides'. however when I run through it, it just comes up with either the success/fail layer - so either a tick or a cross and doesn't include any results.

I tried adding in the variable 'result pass percent' and 'result score percent'  (so; you need 80% to pass. you scored 90%)but nothing is coming up.

how do I bring together all of the results and display them on a final results slide?

I have just tried again by creating a 'blank' results slide instead of a graded result slide, but still nothing

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Emily Ruby

Hi Aisha,

When you use the final results slide at the end and use the selected results slides to calculate from, you will want to choose a graded slide, and set it up like you already have. This will show only the success/failure layers that are default. Do you want to have all the scores from the other results slides show up on this page?

If so, you would need to add text boxes with variable references for all the other results slides passing scores.

Aisha Mackay

Hi Emily

 we managed to get it working,

meet copied the variables from the result slide of one of the quizzes and pasted it into the overall result slide and then pasted it multiple times and changed the variable so that it displayed the results for each individual quiz.

so kind of side stepped around the problem but got there in the end. Thank you :)

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