Results keeps resetting to 0 when I resume

Nov 30, 2016


Seem to have a major bug in my Storyline 2 file.  I've created quite a complex course for a client, i do the quiz (Has 5 question banks) and get to the results page - shows 40%. I quit and check the score on the LMS (Moodle) and the scores 40.

I then go back in and resume the course and it takes me straight back to the quiz results page - all good. But the quiz now says 0 instead of say 40%. So if i quit anywhere now 0 is now my score. Everytime i resume back the results variable seems to be reset back to 0

I've deleted the results page and added a basic one from the Storyline templates and it does the same thing !

If i create a brand new file with 2 basic MCQ's and a results slide it works. I get 40% and then when i resume i'm on the results page and it shows 40% and then can click on reset quiz (resets results then goes to question 1) and its fine.

I'm worried if my main file seems to be somehow corrupt. I've checked the settings for the results slide (As it was on 'reset to initial state') and i've changed that to resume or automatically decide and still the quiz results reset to 0.

Any ideas ? I just want to resume back so it shows my current score. In the player settings i've tried 'prompt to resume' and 'resume' and the same thing happens. I've also deleted the rest of my course (the other sections) leaving just the quiz but again everytime i resume back the score variable is reset back to 0. Any ideas ?

Thanks Paul

 Edit - Just uploaded the file to the SCORM cloud to test it there. Did the same thing, got to the results page and failed and got say 25%, quit, clicked on the link again to resume and it resets the score to 0 ?!

Edit 2 - If i take the questions out of the question banks it seems to work fine. When they're in the question banks i have the issue

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Paul,

Sorry to hear you're running into these issues. Thanks for letting us know you testing in SCORM Cloud - since you're seeing the same behavior there, we know it's not limited to your LMS. When you resume the file, does it take you to the last visited slide, or some other slide? It's tough to nail down exactly what the issue could be without seeing your file. Since you mentioned you stripped the course of everything but the quiz, and that file still resets the score to 0, that might be a good version to share.  If you’re able to share here in the forums you can include it by utilizing the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window, or if you need to share privately you can send it along to our Support Engineers here. They’re accessible 24/7 and if you want to let me know the case number I can follow along.

Paul Johns

Thanks for the reply. I'll try the support engineers first.

I've got the file set to resume so once you quit (and see your score of say 40) when i click back on the course it resumes back to the results page but says 0 for the score (rather than 40).

I seemed to have found hopefully the issue but i'm still puzzled about it. The questions are in a question bank and are drawn randomly. If i take them out the question bank the file works as it should. Bizarre !

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Gouri,

I checked in on Paul's case, and it looks like there is a known issue within Storyline 2 where the quiz score resets on resume if the Question Bank is set to “When revisiting: Resume initial state."  I'm really glad you chimed in on this thread because it's helpful to know how many folks are experiencing this bug and how often they encounter it. We’re still working on this, and we’ll definitely let you know when we know more.

For now, if you instead set the question bank to "When revisiting: Automatically decide," you shouldn't see this issue. Give that a try, and let me know how you make out.

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