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I'm running Storyline (Update 5) locally and have inserted a results slide for the user upon completing the training. It defaulted to IE and had a block on it, but then when allowed was completely blank. I've tried graded, survey and blank results slides with the same thing happening each time.

I know Articulate doesn't support data collection on a local drive, but I need some way to make this work and I love some input on possibly editing the HTML file to write to a notepad/word or other document so I can have access to the results.

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Virginia Driscoll

Bump, please!!
I have the results.html output, but I need a way for it to save a text file or something locally because the file is blank once closed and reopened. I don't know that my users will be able to print to a text document after completion and really believe it could be done with 1 line of code (maybe 2). I just don't know the language

Emily Ruby

Hello Virginia,

Storyline is designed primarily as an elearning development tool to be used in conjunction with Articulate Online or your own Learning Management System (LMS).

For the best results and most accurate reporting, we recommend using Articulate Online:

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Articulate Online here:

Tracking results in a text file or database is not supported.

Here is a screencast of a way to execute Javascript to write variables to a local text file.

Also you could try and run Moodle as an LMS internally. Moodle is a free LMS.

You could also try:

*  Dokeos:

*  eFront:

Let us know if this helps.

Virginia Driscoll


Thank you for responding and, yes, I know it was designed for web, but for someone who doesn't know what LMS stands for and who reads through the FAQ, it leads one to believe it can be run locally. Thus, the surprise when it fails miserably after 6 months of work. And the "it's not supported" response has started to get to me.

My issues are:

1) When published for CD, the program and report.html work on my computer but not on any other PC or Mac when running from either the story.html or the .exe. I've been able to add coding to put a print button on the report.html output so that the users can print their results to a pdf, but it doesn't matter when no one else can get the report.html to load upon completion

2) when published to an LMS, the audio files are completely screwed up and do not play correctly and today, the layers aren't even showing correctly, thus jacking up the whole project. I'm basically losing at every angle I try.

I've become adept at searching the forums but I'm constantly going in a circle problem-solving and 60-hour weeks are not helping my family.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Virginia,

I'm sorry for the difficulty and time you've spent trying to figure this out. As Emily mentioned, Storyline is designed primarily for deployment in a Learning Management System to track the users answers, access, etc. to the course but it can be published for web deployment or local deployment, each of which will provide some different options for you as an author and to your course users. 

We're unable to assist with the coding you have designed within the report.html file although you may be able to find a community member who could offer advice and assistance, but in regards to the basic report.html file not appearing when the user clicks the print button on a course published to CD and run locally, we'd be happy to take a look at it. The same is true of the issues you're having with the audio and layers when testing from within the LMS. Are you able to share a copy of your .story file with us here so that we can take a look? Please also let us know what browser(s) you're testing in, and what LMS you were publishing and hosting your content in. 

Additionally, since some of the behavior sounds inconsistent with your audio and layers, I did also want to offer a reminder that you'll want to work locally as described here. 

Virginia Driscoll

Hi, Ashley,

The LMS I tried is Desire2Learn. I'm awaiting a response from our ITS folks as to which version of SCORM is utilized so that I can try to parse out something there. I can certainly upload the story for you to look through. Please, note I am using Update 5 because 6 caused multiple files to be corrupted (200+). I tried to test the output in Chrome, Firefox and IE. The only place the report.html file is on my computer, where it was designed and tested. I have been doing the work locally as you and many others have suggested so I know that's not the issue.

I have tried running the CD version on Windows XP, 7 and 8 with the output in Chrome, Firefox and IE. I have had success locally on Firefox (which I believe was recommended), but only on my computer (XP) and none of the others.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Virginia,

I'd recommend testing at SCORM Cloud as the ADL Test Suite is a bit more outdated, and SCORM Cloud is considered the industry standard for testing SCORM content. It's free to upload a limited amount of courses there - and will allow you to test using any of the Scorm options provided in Storyline.

Yes, you'll want to create, edit, and publish the content all to a local drive - and when it comes time to test the published content, we recommend testing in the intended environment. When testing the content from the CD publish - how are you providing the content to your users? You'll want to ensure you provide them with the entire contents of the published output folder - and if you're modifying the report.html file, you'll want to follow the directions here. When running the CD published content, it'll run in Internet Explorer in terms of opening links , so you will want to check that you're using an updated version of Internet Explorer and have allowed for pop ups (report.html opens in a new page). Also in regards to our recommendations for viewing content, you can see the documentation here.

Can you point me to the slide(s) where the layers are having issues? Looking at some of the quiz slides within your question bank - I see there are multiple submit triggers associated with each question and you've set up additional triggers for showing the correct/incorrect feedback even though the built in feedback is still there, and that the slide layers are not set to hide other slide layers - so that could be where you're seeing some odd behavior based on this set up.

Hope that helps, and please let us know if you need anything else.

Virginia Driscoll

Hi, Ashley,
I'm currently testing it in SCORM Cloud and not having the same issues. The slide layer issues only occurred in the D2L environment and I pretty much freaked out at the first question bank so that's where I stopped. Are you suggesting I can remove some of the Submit triggers? Will that improve functionality?

When I do run it locally, I'll be moving the entire output folder and (possibly) creating a shortcut on the desktop to the material. Is there a way to change the output so that it doesn't default to IE? I tried on the windows 7 computer and, despite changing the default to Firefox, I was getting IE windows (in IE 8 and 9). All security settings were changed to allow for pop-ups yet it still failed miserably.

Thanks for your help! I'm so close to having these close...going to have to send cookies to the Articulate office.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Virginia,

I'm glad to hear everything is working at SCORM Cloud. If you continue to have difficulty with the course within D2L - you'll want to share those results with your LMS team for additional troubleshooting. Removing some of the triggers may help with overall functionality of your .story file and it's published output. For example, the incorrect/correct layers will be shown automatically when the interaction is submitted based on what you identified as correct or incorrect within the question set up.

There isn't a way to change the default browser when running the CD publish, as this is by design. Content published for CD launches in a form that's based on Internet Explorer, which is why hyperlinks also open in Internet Explorer. You may want to connect with your IT team to see if there is something else to do in regards to hyperlinks or windows not opening as expected. Additionally, you could also post the changes you've made to the report.html file (either here - or probably in a new thread to get more notice) so that our community could take a look and offer any additional advice.

Virginia Driscoll

Thanks for your help, Ashley. I have to leave in the "Submit interaction" triggers because it makes the layers function appropriately. Without them, the layers don't behave. I'm in contact with our ITS and student instructional technology association. Just need to figure out how to get the IE windows to open, unblocked. So far, it only works in Firefox on my computer. But even unblocking content on IE is not working. If I can do that, I'll be the happiest person in the state.