Results Slide and slide numbers

Feb 25, 2014

Although my issue is with the results slide, I believe the real issue is with slide numbers. Can I reorder the "results" questions IN "Result Slide Properties"?I kept adding questions in Storylineand then moving them around so the slide numbersare not in the same order as the questions. Notice how the the questions go from 1,3,2,5,4,16 because it lists them by slide number? The questions are in orderwhen they are taken but not in orderwhen reviewed. If I can't do anything about the order fromthe"result slide properties", how do Iupdate the slide numbers so they correlate with the questions?I hope this makes sense? Thanks.

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Herminia Esqueda

I figured it out! Maybe the question was too confusing but the solution was quite simple. If I drag the slide with the wrong slide number and put it over the slide whose slide number I want it to follow, Storyline will automatically renumber the slide. I dragged slide 1.5 Question 2 over slide 1.3 question 1 and it then becomes slide 1.4 Question 2 and the slides will appear in the right order when the quiz is "Reviewed".

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