Apr 18, 2022

I created a slide with a START button and a RESULTS button. When the user clicks the START button, they start the quiz.

When user completes the quiz, I need a way for them to easily get back to the RESULTS slide, without having to click START and going to the end of the quiz each time. I have the RESULTS button set to the Disabled state. (NOTE: User can retry the quiz unlimited times using the RETRY button on the Results slide.) I want the RESULTS button to change to the Normal state after the student completes the quiz. I also want it to take the user to the Results slide when they click that button. How can I do these things? Thanks in advance!

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Judy Nollet
  • Create a T/F variable with a default value of False. 
  • On the Final Assessment Intro/Start slide, add a trigger that changes the state of the Results slide to Normal when the timeline starts with the condition that the variable is True. 
    • Also set the Slide Properties to "Reset to initial state" so the timeline will replay if the user returns to the slide.
  • On the Results slide, add a trigger that adjusts the variable to True. This will meet the condition in the trigger on the Intro/Start slide if the user returns to that slide.

Here's more info about conditions and variables: