Results slide does not display results for a screen recording scene in 'Test mode'

The scenario:

The Results slides for the simulations (screen recording in 'Test mode') do not show the results. I've compared them to other courses, where I created similar slides successfully and can't see what I may have done wrong.

The settings on the 'Test mode' slides:

- Each slide that has a hot spot only has a 'Submit button'.

- The Action Wizard is set to:

- Action: Submit interaction
- Interaction: Hot spot
- When: User clicks
- Object: Submit button
- There are no conditions set

Is there anything else that I should set or check for the results to display?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amos

there is a mismatch with your result slide variables and the ones SL has created

These are the in the variables list

These are on the results slide and all your triggers are unassigned

I would move the result slide to a separate scene and create a new one.

What should happen is when you insert a Result slide SL will automatically create 4 system variables.  These variables should match what is on the result slide.