Unwanted audio plays when hovering over a hot spot

Oct 21, 2016

Hi!  I am encountering issues with unwanted audio that plays when I hover over a hot spot.  I recorded audio for a slide, then when previewed, did not see that audio in the timeline.  So, I recorded again.  Now the second recording plays at the appropriate time, but the first recording plays when I hover over a hot spot.  Does anyone know how to remove this audio from the hot spot?  The hot spot was created during a screen recording and "try" mode was used.  When I select the hot spot, I don't see any audio icons and the unwanted audio is not in the timeline.

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Darcy Whatcott

Hi Wendy and Leslie,

Thanks for your help in reviewing this issue!

No, the screen recordings don't appear on the timeline b/c they were converted to "try" mode slides.  No audio appears on the timeline on these slides, but plays when the hot spot is active.  I think maybe I was "clicked on" the hot spot in error instead of being "clicked in" the timeline when I recorded the audio for the slide, and that is how it attached, but I can't see the audio anywhere to delete it.  

A good slide to look at is 1.6 in the attached .story

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