Results slide hanging - my findings

On a couple of recent storyline 360 projects I've found that at the end of a question bank the module hangs prior to displaying the results slide.

This has happened with newly built projects along with projects which have been edited (nothing touched in the question bank or results slide). Thought initially it was something to do with the in-built variables (which may be the case as the Blank Results slide doesn't display them)... but...

After much fiddling about and rebuilding etc. a few hours of playing around and swearing, discovered that it seems to be the graded results slide or part of their templated build, which has the issue. If the blank results slide is used the project doesn't hang.

Just thought I'd let you all know in case anyone else is also having issues.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Michelle,

Sorry that you lost time working through it, but thank you for taking the time to share your findings! I'm sure others will find value in your tip.

We want to help understand the connection between the graded results slide and snag, where our Support team can dig in. Please let us know if you can connect with us: