Results Slide - How to modify Review Quiz page


In the Results page there are 3 buttons - Review Quiz, Print Results and Retry Quiz. I have seen the layout of the Review Quiz when I click on the button but how or where do I need to go to modify the page as some of the text appear squashed together and messy.

Appreciate your advise.



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Christopher Anthony

Hi Christie,

See attached for the overlapped text screen that I see when I click on the Review Quiz button on the results page. Hence the question where (if possible) to review and amend/adjust how the Review Quiz page is displayed. Hope the screenshot helps.

Appreciate your advice. Thanks.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Christopher -- Thanks so much for the screenshot, and I can definitely see the overlapping you have described. This situation strikes me as similar to what was shared over here in this thread, so if you could, please check out the suggestions offered and let us know if the ideas do the trick for you.

If not, I think the next course of action would be to check out your .story file itself to see if we can dig a little deeper to address the problem. You are welcome to share your file here so the community can chime in, or if confidentiality is a concern, you are welcome to use this form to submit a case for offline review. :)

Christopher Anthony

Christie, it worked! I just provided extra spaces/distances between the answers in Slide View, re-published the quiz, took it and review the responses submitted and it all looked fine! No overlapped! Thank you for pointing me to the correct thread!

One question left is how to change the color of the green tick mark that shows up against each correct answer in the Review Quiz page.

Thank You!