Results slide not displaying correctly


My slide triggers are set to display a Success layer when the score is "greater than or equal to 75" and Failure when the the score is "less than 75." In this assessment everything works as it should, except when I score a 72%. Then, I receive a message of Success. Something must be set incorrectly, but I don't see what it is.

I attached a screenshot of my Success page when I scored a 72%.

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Kirsti Harris

I had the same problem when I completed your quiz... and I ended up solving it by remaking the results slide.  (I inserted a new one, and then changed it to look like the one you had already.)  That way I could use the built-in scoring (changed to 75% in the results tab)  to calculate the passing grade, which seems to have solved the problem.  I also moved all of your triggers for the 'feedback meter' to be on the slide rather than having some attached to the button, and put them first to be sure that they are triggered correctly (before the layer pops up).  Here's the file.  

Sarah Greywitt

Wow. Thanks. I have two other assessments like this one. I did not have the same issue, but I plan to double check. If I do need to redo the results slide, could I copy and paste this remade results slide? Or should I build a new one?

Thanks again for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it.

Kirsti Harris

Hi Sarah.  I'm reading that copying results slides between different .story files can be problematic.  Maybe other people have more experience with this than me... but I think I'd try it to see.  If it doesn't work well, create a new results slide and then copy everything from your custom one over to the new one to make it look how you want. That's pretty much what I did... just watch to make sure you get the correct variables in the triggers.