Resume Issues in my LMS

Apr 01, 2014


I am trying to get a module to resume using Storyline in my SAP LMS, but have been running into issues.  I have uploaded a sample that has 5 buttons, one is hidden until the 1st 4 have been clicked, and each has a checkmark that appears to show completion.  I am trying to test a few things:

  1. the module resumes
  2. the buttons show the check mark for the big buttons upon resume
  3. the buttons show the check mark for the small buttons (which I think only do so if the slide had completed because the small buttons are based on layers)

Could you please confirm if this is working properly as it is built?  I'm trying to determine whether it is a Storyline coding issue or an LMS issue that the modules are not resuming.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa and welcome to Heroes! 

Thanks for sharing your published output, and based on what you're saying here and how that looks it sounds like it's working properly. For some additional documentation you may want to review this tutorial on the Resume behavior, as it's controlled by the settings in your player set up or when running in the LMS a Flash cookie. 

You can also determine when a state of a button changes if you add a trigger for it to change on a particular condition - otherwise they'll operate as described here for the different states. 

'Lastly if you'd like to see that your course is behaving as expected or to help determine if there is any odd behavior in your Storyline file/LMS you could always test it at SCORM Cloud which is a free industry standard testing method for SCORM content. 

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