"Resume" Pop-up not translating in Storyline

Aug 26, 2021

Hi wonderful community, 

I am in the process of translating some Storyline quizzes from English to Bahasa (Indonesia). I used the Translate feature which worked great for the most part, except for the pop-ups. The 'Resume' pop-up didn't translate (see attached) and I can't find out where to do it. It's not part of the translation template - does anyone know how to change this? I can do it manually, I just need to know where to find it. 

Thank you in advance! 

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Judy Nollet

Hello, Melanie,

The player-level text (which includes the Resume pop-up language) isn't exported when you use the Translation Export/Import feature. 

Instead, you have to adjust the Text Labels in the Player: 

Note: You can also edit individual text labels. And, if you want a standard set of labels that's different from the default, you can save it and then load it into another course.