Resume saved state doesn't work and block progress through course

Jul 03, 2018


I just created a slide in Articulate Storyline 360, where Next button is set to disabled state when the timeline is started. To go further, one has to click four buttons which pose as bullets, so those reveal four items(each on separate layer). After all four buttons are clicked, the trigger set Next button to Normal, as all four buttons ar now Visited. However, after revisiting slide, with slide property When revisiting set to  Resume saved state, all content is revealed, however Next button is again disabled, and no way to progress to the next slide, even after clicking all four buttons again. Same goes for the Automatically decide. What am I missing. 

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Nicole Legault

Hi Emin, 

Welcome to the community. Thanks for posting your question here. I've also run into this exact same issue myself before. There are multiple ways to get around this. My solution is to use a single variable. Here's how I did it:

1) I have a project with 2 slides. Slide 1 has the 4 buttons that have to be clicked to each reveal a layer. When all the buttons are clicked, the Next button becomes enabled and they can click to Slide 2.

2) I created a True/False variable called Slide2_Visited and set it's default value to False. 

3) On slide 2 I added a trigger that changes the variable Slide2_Visited from False to True when the slide is visited. 

4) Then on slide 1, I added a condition to the trigger that disables the Next button, to only disable the Next button if the Slide2_Visited variable is equal to False. 

This way it will only Disable the next button the first time the slide is visited when the variable is False. After they click to the next slide, the variable becomes True. So if they revisit the slide, it no longer changes the state of the next button to disabled .Hope this explanation is helpful. I've attached a sample .story file I used to test it out if you want to have a closer look!

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