Resume saved state when revisiting does not work

Jul 18, 2019

Hello,  I have a problem with revisiting the slide. When the timeline of the slide starts layer (named "Tips") appears, learner closes it and starts working with the base layer where there are 4 buttons that takes them to 4 different slides. When they revisit the base layer this "Tips" layer is still on. 

I have set "Resume saved state" but still not working.

Am I doing something wrong?



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Wendy Farmer

Well if you have the layer show when timeline starts it will always do that each time the slide is revisited.  The only way to change that is to add a variable on first visit and trigger that variable when the user closes the layer, when they revisit the layer should be closed BUT do you want the user to be able to get to it again? 

See this video

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