Resuming a quiz

Sep 17, 2013

Evening all!

I'm having a bit of a grump at myself as I've just found out I was wrong about something I have always taken for granted...

I've got these modules see, and they are a suite of online exams for a training company. Each module is the same:

  • Title slide
  • Intro slide
  • 8 MCQ style questions pulled at random from a larger bank
  • Results slide

The rules are fairly standard: 30 minutes to complete, 80% pass mark, unlimited attempts (review and retry)

These are closed book exams, hence the 30 minute timer but I have just discovered that if I have resume set to always or prompt in the player then it allows the student to leave and return at will, which sort of negates the point of the timer!

Of course, the obvious work around is to set resume to never but then even if they have passed (and the last slide they looked at was a "You passed" results slide) then if they ever do go back in they will be presented with the quiz again...

I always thought Storyline was smart enough that if you left during a quiz it nixed that attempt.

Ho hum...


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