Retake Only Incorrect One Time and then Retake Course If Failed 2x

Jul 16, 2019

I have a course that allows the learner to retake the quiz by retaking only the incorrect questions. They are allowed to retake the quiz only one time  

If they fail the quiz a second time, I want them to retake the entire course. Typically I use the triggers to have the learner click a button that 1.) Resets the results of the quiz, and 2.) Jumps to the first slide. 

When I set up the triggers for the button to restart the course (trigger to reset the results of the quiz for all questions, not just incorrect), what happens is the trigger I had on the quiz results to for the first retry quiz attempt (reset only the incorrect results) changes to reset all results.  I cannot get my project to keep the reset only incorrect questions on the quiz results slide, and keep the reset all questions on the later slide. 

Any ideas how I can accomplish this functionality?

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Melanie Sobie

Here's a peek recording of what is happening. I set the first trigger for the retry quiz button to "reset only incorrect". Then I set the other trigger for the retake course button to not include only correct. After I do that, when I go back to look at the first trigger it has removed the "reset only incorrect".

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for including the Peek 360 video, Melanie!

Setting the option for Reset only incorrect questions sets the expectation for the entire quiz. So when you disable that option on one result slide, it will be disabled on the other.

We are tracking requests to allow some additional flexibility and variance (Reset All and Reset Incorrect Only) within one quiz. I've added this conversation to the report as we monitor user impact.

Melanie Sobie

Thanks Alyssa!  I would love to keep the option to retry only the incorrect only for the quiz result slide - And - After failing the quiz result slide X times, I could add a retake the course button with a trigger that both restarts the course & resets all course progress and quiz question responses (both correct and incorrect). 

Melanie Sobie

One more question - If I use the "restart course" trigger on a button, after the user has failed the quiz 2 times, does this clear out all the correct and incorrect quiz responses (independently from the "retake only incorrect" trigger that is associated with my quiz results slide) and jump back to the first slide of the course?