Retry button on revisit page

Nov 15, 2022

I have created a quiz and I want the learners to only be able to take it once. When I import it into LMS (Adobe Learning Manager), we can take it but then afterwards I am able to re-enter the quiz and I get a button at the bottom of the revisit page to Restart. How do I remove that restart button? 

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John Morgan

Hi Scott,

The restart button can be removed by changing the resume behavior in the modern player. Here is an article on Changing the Resume Behavior. There are a couple of caveats though.

Changing the resume behavior to 'Never Rusume' will remove the resume button in the center of the screen as well and it will also prevent learners from going back to the point where they left off when resumed.

Thanks for reaching out!

Scott Stephens

UPDATE: Making that change removed the "Restart" screen, but now there is another issue. When I revisit, I am taken to the last question of the 1st (out of 3) quiz, and I am able to proceed through the rest of the quizzes from there. I want to make it so that learners are not able to retake the exam at all once fully complete. Can I do that? 

Eric Santos

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the update! Please try publishing to LMS using SCORM 2004, 4th Edition.

We must rule out whether you are exceeding the suspend data limits, causing the resume issue once fully complete. Check out this article for reference:

Storyline: Exceeding SCORM Suspend Data Limits

Let me know if that helps!