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Jun 14, 2013

Hi everyone!

I want to ask if it is possible to allow the students retry the questions one at a time, but not after going through all the questions and retry the whole quiz. Let me know if you don't understand, I am not good at English actually.


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Dennis Hall

Hi Phyllis:

First, edit your slide base properties changing the When revisiting to Reset to initial state.

Next got to your Incorrect layer and copy the Continue button, then change the button text to Try Again.

Finally, Change the Jump to next slide trigger to Jump to this same question slide.

Preview and you will se it works the way your want.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Thys Aarts

Is there a way of getting this to work, without having to use the 'Reset to initial state' setting??

I want my learners to come back at a topic they've done and see what they have answered. Unfortunately, with the 'Reset to initial state' setting, their progress is immediately lost. It should be something to trigger with a button, rather than a page setting. Would be brilliant if I could use a button to reset a slide, but now it seems I can only use the 'Reset results' button, but unfortunately that doesn't seem to do the trick if I have 'Resumed saved state' set for my slides.

Any ideas anyone? How can I have my learners reset a question after they have done it, without losing the progress as a default?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Thys,

Something that might help is to utilize a Review Quiz Button for when a learner completes the questions. The Review Quiz button lets learners go back and review the answers they submitted, but they can't change their answers.

For more details on using Result Slide features, feel free to check out this guide

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