Retry quiz button not clickable upon return from review quiz incorrect answers.

Aug 24, 2021

Hi All,

I have a 5 question quiz and results page with custom pass/fail screens. On the fail screen I have review results (incorrect only) and retry quiz (whole quiz).

My issue is that when the learner returns from the quiz review, my retry quiz button is there, the courser shows the button as clickable, however the hover state is not triggered and the button is actually not clickable. I have tried to trick it with a short delay on the timeline and fired a state change from disabled to normal when the user clicks review quiz, I'm now out of ideas. 

Also I am finding the quiz review to be unstable, when the learner clicks the cross the incorrect banner intermittently moves to the next incorrect slide or hides the incorrect banner layer forcing the learner to click my custom submit button or the built in next (which I have removed for all other slides) to continue to the next incorrect slide.

I hope that makes sense and someone is able to assist.


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Becca Levan

Hey there, Jerrem!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing these details. I'd love to help outsmart this retry button with you!

Are you comfortable with sharing your .story file in this discussion? If you prefer, you can share it with me privately here, and I'd be happy to dig in deeper! 

Staying tuned for your response so we can troubleshoot together!

Glenn Hopper

This is the closest thread I could find related to a first-time issue I'm having, so I thought I'd try asking here.

I have a multiple choice, 4 option quiz question with shuffled answers. When users review their quiz, the 4th answer, regardless if its correct, regardless of the shuffle order, always shows as if it's in the Hover state. I removed the initial slide and rebuilt it completely from scratch again, and the issue presists. Any ideas?