Retry quiz by resetting results without automatically moving through questions

Feb 10, 2020

Hi all. Hope somebody can help me out.

Let's begin with my question. I am building a course with some questions and I want learners to be able to retry the questions they got wrong. So, I added the reset button to the quiz result page and selected the 'reset only incorrect questions' option. This button also automatically has a trigger that brings the learner to the first question linked to that result slide. Now, what it does is this: when a learner has failed question 6, for example, and clicks that reset button in the end, he is brought back to question 1 first and then it reloads and opens question 6. This looks really odd. If I for instance remove that trigger to move it to the first question when clicking the result button and move them to the beginning of the course, they will still be forwarded to the question they got wrong as soon as they land on a question page. There is no trigger anywhere that says they need to be forwarded automatically. It is just something Articulate does. Now, I don't want that and I want to know how to get rid of that.

Now, moving on to what it is I actually want to do and what I have already tried:

What I want is for learners to be able to retry a question. Preferably, right after they have answered it. Now, I have read some posts about this suggesting I need to add a retry button and set the page setting to 'Reset to initial state'. That indeed does the trick, but it also just removes any progress whatsoever. There doesn't seem to be a solution where I have the pages set to 'Resume saved state' and only trigger that 'Reset to initial state' when I want it to, to create that option of retrying questions. This Reset button on the result slide seems to offer a solution, but then that one comes with automatic events such as forwarding the learner, which is not at all what I want.

Does anybody have a solution for this? How would I reset a question after one takes it, but still be able to save the button states so they can see what they have answered when they have done the course? Thank you


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