Retry Quiz in Storyline 360

Hi there:

I've got a course with branching for two types of audience. Branch 1 has 5 sections, and Branch 2 has 7 sections. Each has it's own Results Slide. The quiz questions for both are in single slides and in question banks. 

On both Results slides, I've added a Retry Quiz button with a Reset results trigger and a Jump to Question (first question) trigger in that order. The problem is when clicking Retry Quiz, it doesn't show all the quiz questions and pulls up other non quiz slides. 

My course is a compliance course, so I'm not able to upload due to security concerns, but I have added a screenshot of the Results settings and triggers. Should I be designing the quiz differently? I was going with a scenario with questions sprinkled in between. 

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Alyssa Gomez

HI Zubeida!

When a learner clicks the "Retry Quiz" button, they'll be taken back to the first quiz question, and the quiz results will reset. They'll also see any non-quiz slides that appear between quiz questions.

However, you mentioned some questions are skipped when a learner attempts the quiz a second time. Are the skipped questions in a question bank?

I completely understand you not being able to share your file publicly, so we have an option for you to share it with us privately by clicking here. If we can take a closer look at your file, we can try to nail down why some questions are omitted from the second attempt.