Submit button behavior on re-try

Jan 23, 2020

I have created a 20 question multiple choice quiz. Students must score 80% to pass. 

If they fail, they can review the incorrect answsers - that works fine. Then, they can choose to retry the quiz. However, if they click the Submit button after re-taking the quiz, it loops back through all of their incorrect answers again. What I'd like to happen is for them to get the Failure screen again which will allow them to review the incorrect answers this second time around. Then, they should be able to retry. If they fail again they should review the incorrect answers, retry, submit and either pass or see the incorrect questions. 

I want the submit button to have the same behavior on re-tries as it does the first time. What am I missing? 

Both the Review and Retry buttons are on the Failure Layer



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Jen Hughes

Thanks Wendy. I just went through this again. I failed the first time through and then reviewed and retried. The second time through I changed some answers, but still made sure I failed. When I clicked the submit button after the 2nd time, it just looped me back through the incorrectly answered questions. 

Here's the file and the answer key. Thanks for taking a look.

Wendy Farmer

HI Jen

I can see what you are saying and I wonder if your result slide is corrupt.  When you insert a result slide SL automatically creates 4 system generated variables.  Looking at your variables list there are only 3.  I would test adding a new result slide making sure 4 variables are created and then trying again to see if it works.

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