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Dec 08, 2016

I have a slide that has 10 layers that are displayed via tabs. Each tab has a visited state.

Once all 10 tabs are visited, the NEXT button is enabled.

When revisiting the slide, a trigger is in place to enable the NEXT button as long as all tabs are visited.

My problem is when the learner revisits the slide, it picks up with the last layer. How can I have it set so that the slide revisits to the base layer. I don't want to 'resume to initial state' because I want the NEXT button to remain enabled.


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Kelli Porcaro

Wendy, I tried that, but then it does literally hide the layer when the timeline finishes and the learner has no control of how long they stay on that particular tab. So unfortunately that doesn't work.  hmmmm.

Michael...i'm going to follow your suggestion. It won't be a perfect fix if they go out of order, but all the Tabs are ordered, so fingers crossed! : )

Thanks for the help everyone!

Michael Shannon

Kelli let me know if you are able to work this out. I have course I created that I could edit down and share with you that utilizes this functionality that may be of some help if you don't get it working. 

You may have a bit more complexity than my simple fix. I used variables in addition to the states to help with revisits. That may be what you need to add that you don't have now. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kelli

are there any objects on the layer they are interacting with or are they listening to audio?  you could add the trigger to hide the layer once audio is complete or xx state is visited.  Hard to say without seeing your file - if you can upload it peeps might be able to offer a solution more specific to your setup. 

Walt Hamilton

Michael is almost right, except it doesn't matter about the viewing order (although it would be easier if the user has to view them in order.)

The principle is that any action that allows the user to leave the slide needs to close the open layer first. I suspect (Wendy is right, without seeing it, I'm just guessing.) that what happens is when the 10th tab is visited, the NEXT buttons becomes visible, and the user doesn't return to the main slide. You could write a trigger on the NEXT button to close each of the layers, since you can't know for sure which one shows last, but the might be an easier way.

Here's what I would do. Attach a trigger to the NEXT button BEFORE the trigger to jump. Set it to open one last layer with nothing on it, but set to hide other layers. When NEXT is clicked, the last viewed layer is closed (regardless of which one it is). When the user returns, they can't tell that the layer is showing if it has nothing on it. If it is set to allow the user to click the base layer objects, it won't interfere with anything.

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