Returning to Menu on Question Slide

Hi everybody,

We have a module that is circular in nature, rather than linear.  We have a main menu and users are free to choose which section of the menu they go to first.  At the end of each section, we have a button with a trigger that allows the user to go back to the main menu and click through the other sections.


However, several of the sections end with question slides.   The way we currently have the triggers set up, the user can click on a "continue" button when they receive feedback on the question that they answer.  The continue button takes them back to the main menu.   


However, if the user goes through that section twice, they do not see the feedback layers and therefore cannot go back to the menu and they get stuck.


Do you have any ideas of how we can get around this?  We need the users to answer the question the first time they go through that section and get feedback on whether it was correct or incorrect. But we would also like them to have the opportunity to review sections and still go back to the main menu afterwards.


Thank you for your help in advance!

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