Returning to quiz - Can't advance

Jul 20, 2020

I have a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each section of my course. After passing the quiz, the user can advance to the next section by clicking Continue on the feedback layer. I have the quiz slide set to "Automatically Decide". If they go back to the quiz slide, it appears completed, as expected. However, the Next button appears but does not work.  This means there is no way for the user to advance. They can always use the nav menu or make them take the quiz again, but to prevent unwanted support cases (and you know they'll happen...) I'd like to fix this if possible. I'm using the modern player.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Scott!

I'm happy to step in! It sounds like you'll need a variable to determine the state of the next button. I'd love to see the project to determine the best solution.

Would you mind sharing it with us? You can use the Add Attachment button in this discussion, or you can share it privately. Either way, I'll take and look and let you know the next steps!

Scott Byers

I fixed it, I believe. I set a True/False variable on the "Correct" feedback layer and a trigger to adjust it to True when the layer starts. Then on the base layer, I set the Next button to disabled when the timeline starts and then a trigger to set it to Normal if the variable was True. I also set the page to "Resumed Saved State"

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