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Hi folks

Hoping someone can advise, the organisation I work for bought a number of SL2 license's a few months ago and loaded these to our laptops.  One of the employees has since left and we'd like to utilise the license on another computer as obviously it's not currently being used.  Any idea how to transfer the license to a different computer? So far our IT team hasn't been able to successfully install using the same license code as it's already been installed on another laptop.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Siobhan!

To transfer your Articulate license from one computer to another, follow these steps:

1)  Make sure your original computer is connected to the Internet.

2)  Uninstall your Articulate software from your original computer. This releases the license activation.

3)  Then install your Articulate software on your new computer and activate it with your serial number.

4)  Select the option to "Register Now."

If you are unable to uninstall from the original computer, please reach out as Matthew shared above.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Siobhan!

On second thought, I see where you mentioned someone left your organization:

The Articulate End User License Agreement (EULA) doesn't permit transferring software to another user. If there's a special condition that would require a transfer, such as an employee leaving the company, you'll need to request consent for the transfer.

Siobhan Singh

Our organisation has already called Articulate and was told we'd need to buy another license which in my opinion is a bit silly as they're quite expensive, it doesn't make sense to buy a new one every time some one leaves, especially when we have a lot of contract staff who come in for specific projects.  I was just hoping someone else knew of a way around it because unfortunately our business is not interested in purchasing another license and if we can't get SL2 working on this computer they're wanting to look at other providers for eLearning software who would be able to  transfer the software whenever there was staff turnover (and I'd really prefer to stick with SL2 as I'm familiar with it and find it easier to use!)

Matthew Bibby

Hi Siobhan,

I'd suggest you contact Articulate via the 'request consent' link in Leslie's message.

It sounds like this is one of those situations where Articulate may be able to assist transferring the license.

[Edit: But in future I'd recommend that you uninstall Storyline each time an employee leaves if it is installed on their own device. Alternatively, you could provide them with a laptop which could then be retrieved and given to your next employee, or you could require that any contractors who come on board have their own license].

Walt Hamilton


This doesn't sound like you can keep the laptop and let another user use it:

The Articulate End User License Agreement (EULA) doesn't permit transferring software to another user. If there's a special condition that would require a transfer, such as an employee leaving the company, you'll need to request consent for the transfer.

If that is really what it means, Articulate needs to have some competition in the marketplace.

Siobhan Singh

We still have the laptop, its a company laptop but it's being used by someone else and has other software installed that the person is using (but they aren't using SL) so we can't just give the new person that laptop, just hoping to transfer SL over to her new laptop.  Thanks for your feedback, will get our IT guys to contact Articulate again and hopefully we get the answer we want :)