Review a Bank question quiz with a Submit all slide

Apr 04, 2018

I am creating a quiz in Articulate Storyline from a bank a question where I changed all the questions with a next/previous button so I could add a submit all questions slide.  This way the participants can skip and go back and answer questions before submitting their answer.  This works well.

Unfortunately, on my result slide, when they use the review quiz button, it review all that q/a but also brings up the submit all slide instead of going back to the result slide to retake the quiz.  They are then stuck to re-submit the test to go to the result slide to retake the quiz.  Is there a fix?

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Mariane Vezina

All good, I figured it out.  I added a variable (False) that when clicking the Review Quiz button (changing the variable to True) would make the Submit All slide jump to the result slide when the timeline starts if variable is True.  I also added a condition that when clicking the retake test button the variable changes back to False, because they have multiple attempts.


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