Sep 01, 2020

When I click on REVIEW and have it set to "missed questions only", it includes the essay questions and worse, the essay slide appears without their prior answer showing.

How can I make sure essay slides retain and show the original essay answer if the REVIEW feature puts it onscreen, so they can just SUBMIT to skip it without changing their original answer.  

As it is now, they have to type the whole answer again, assuming they remember it.   Eek!


Note, this essay question is the "tell us a short story" kind of essay.  Not right/wrong.

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Jerry Beaucaire

Just run through the course and answer the first answer for all questions, that will insure a bunch are incorrect.

When you REVIEW, it starts again at the survey, even though I set the REVIEW trigger to jump back to the first graded question.   And whatever the essay answer you entered, it is not there, and must be entered manually a second time or SL won't let you proceed.


There is a JS music track that only plays when you publish.

Jerry Beaucaire

OK, I came up with a solution.  I created a text variable of my own called ESSAY and made the default value "Enter your text here".   I then set the value of TextEntry1 equal to the value of ESSAY when the timeline of the slide started.

Then, when the user clicks on SUBMIT, the first trigger I added also set the value of ESSAY to the current value of TextEntry1.

That did it.   Now each time the slide comes onscreen we see the answer they had given previously.

This solves the main issue.   Thanks all.

Mick Irvin Garcia

Hey Jerry. It's weird that I didn't get your first response as I was not notified through email although I'm glad that you were able to do some work-around. Although If I were to modify some things in the file you shared, I'd be like this.

I'd go to the slide with the essay and make some changes in the slide properties so it retains the information that was submitted in the text box.

Here's how I did it.


I also modified the results slide so it does not include the Essay when you're advised to review the answers so it does not lead you back to the Essay slide.



I've tested it and Retrying Missed Questions does skip the essay slide. Going back to the Essay Slide by navigating through the menu does show me that the typed answer was retained.


Jerry Beaucaire

We can't turn off the ESSAY's link to the RESULTS, we did that accidentally in the past, and the result submitted to our LMS does not include the essay unless we keep it linked.  Since we need to get a report of all the Essays, can't change that.

But, DOH, can't believe I missed the easy answer for keeping the essay entered on RETRY.  Thanks for that, I will definitely remember for next time now!

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