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Steven Benassi

Hi Jaqueline!

I'd love to help you troubleshoot this!

It sounds like changing the Feedback setting for the quiz questions might solve the problem! Can you make sure the Feedback is set to 'By Question' for your slides?

You can check this by selecting the question slide itself, then navigating to the Question Tools/Design tab:

If that doesn't do the trick, do you mind sharing your .story file? You can either attach it to your reply by using the Add Attachment button, or you can upload it privately using this link. We’ll delete it from our system when we finish troubleshooting!


Jaqueline Kelly

Thanks. That wasn't it. As I was getting ready to send you the file, I found the culprit. It was the order in which the triggers were executing. On the ones that weren't working right, it was set to "jump" before it could "hide" the layer, which is what caused for the feedback layers to still be visible when someone went to "review quiz." 


Hopefully, this will be helpful for someone else.