Post-Quiz Review in Articulate Storyline

Jul 04, 2012

I have included a 'post-quiz review' button on my results slide so that learners can review whether or not the answers they selected to each freeform quiz question were correct.  On review, however, learners are presented not only with the original quiz slides, showing whether or not their answers were correct along with any post-review feedback, but also with all other slides, (text, images, etc) in the story.

Does anyone know if there is there some way of limiting the post-quiz review to showing learners the quiz slides only?

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G Dian

Avery - I guess it depends on what precisely you want to achieve and what you want your learners to see / do.

My situation which I referred to in an earlier post involved a simulation in which learners needed to take decisions and then see the consequences of their actions, (though not necessarily immediately after they had taken each decision).  I wanted them to see their results at the end of the simulation, (ie their score), but I didn't need them to re-take the simulation.  What I needed was for them to see which was the 'preferred' answer for each situation they had encountered, and the rationale for that answer.  The existing feedback slides were therefore inappropriate since learners would have seen every slide again, including slides that did not have options for decisions.

My solution was to set up my own review slide in a separate scene.  This comprised a 'base' slide with a menu of buttons each showing a different decision they were required to take in the simulation. I applied a trigger to each of these buttons so that when learners clicked on the button, they were taken to a 'layer' on the same slide which provided the preferred answer, the rationale and any further learning points.  Each decision button was visible on each layer so that learners could click on any decision button from any 'layer' on the same slide so minimising the number of clicks learners had to make to review feedback for the entire simulation.  To view this review slide, I simply created a button ('Review decisions') with a trigger taking learners to the scene I had created.  This approach enabled me to completely control the design of my feedback screens.  Once they had reviewed the feedback they were then able to simply click 'next' to move on to the next stage of the simulation.  Whilst this was simple and worked for me, I can't see that it would necessarily be appropriate in any circumstance in which learners might be required to re-take a 'quiz' since they would have all the answers from the review!

If yours is merely a screen design issue, (ie the feedback covers the content of the original screen), your simplest option might just be to re-design the feedback master ........

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jenny,

This is still the case with the quiz review, but there is a least one workaround you may want to implement so that the user would skip any content slides or non-question slides on a review/retry. One of our community members has created a great screenr linked here on how to set this up, and there is a sample file in this thread from her. 

Hope that helps - and if you'd like to see that feature included in future versions I'd also encourage you to send in a feature request as well. 

Allison LaMotte

Just wanted to post a quick update on this because I spoke with a user that was having an issue making this work. It seems like this workaround works only in Storyline 1, not in Storyline 2. If anyone finds a way to make it work in Storyline 2, I'm sure the community would be grateful if you shared how you did it.

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