Review Quiz button fails when project is Published

Dec 12, 2017

I'm using Storyline 3 - Update 2: 3.2.13213.0

The Review Quiz button does not work when the project is published. The failure occurs in both Internet Explorer and Chrome.

- I have recreated the Results slide twice from a clean story.
- I have set my quiz slides to "Automatically decide" and "Resume saved state" - both fail.
- My player was already set to "Prompt to resume" - the Review still fails.

* I uploaded the zip file to and the Review Quiz button works.

My company grants certification to users who pass the quiz. It is essential they be able to Review their questions to identify their failures.

I have also noticed the Retry Quiz option is missing. I have copied the button from a SL2 project and it works, but where did this option go in SL3?

I'd appreciate a prompt response. Thank you.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Marie

the recommendation is to test in the intended environment so if it is an LMS course test in an LMS, if it is a Web course upload to a Webserver.  Testing locally can cause issues depending on your browsers security setting...testing in Scormcloud has proved that the course works.  


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