Review Quiz: change a state button to Disabled or Hidden state

Sep 09, 2016

Hi folks,

I developed a course where there is a test with the possibility to review the given answers. I want to change a state button (which is on the feedback layer) from normal state to hidden or disabled state during the review quiz.

Do you have any advises?

Thanks in advance,



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Nejc Žorga Dulmin

Aaaa, OK, so, here's what I would try.

Create a variable called "HideContinueButton" that is True/False and default value is false.

Then add a trigger on each question slide "Change state of Continue button to hidden when timeline starts if variable HideContinueButton is True"

On the result slide you need another trigger on the Review Button "Adjust variable HideContinueButton to True when user clicks Review button".

I hope it works. :)

PS: You would need another trigger on the Retry quiz button, so the variable goes back to False if after the review, user wants to retake the test.

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