Review quiz feature not working correctly

Jun 08, 2021

Hi community,

I have an old storyline file with a built in knowledge check. There are 4 questions/slides in the knowledge check, the first one is a drag and drop slide with several draggable words and corresponding drop sites.

When I get to the results slide it reports the score accurately and there is a 'review quiz' button. When I click it, it takes me back to the first question (the drag and drop one) where I assume it should show my selections and tell me if these were correct or not. Instead it shows the slide in its original unanswered state and says 'incorrect' at the bottom of the slide - remember I answered the questions on the slide correctly and I know SL knows this as it gave me a 25% score on the results slide (I purposely answered the other 3 wrong). 

Is there a way to get it to show what my answers were on this slide and tell me accurately if I got them correct or incorrect? 

I've attached screenshots of my answers before progressing to Q2 and what the slide looks like in review quiz mode.

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